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Parks Map

Parks Map

Bullhead Point is located on West Broadway along Lake Neatahwanta. It is a popular location for fishing and community events. The pavilion can be rented for private events. From the main pavilion, the pier reaches 500 feet out into Lake Neatahwanta to the gazebo. Public restrooms are available in the Tourism Center building.

Canal Park Marina is located on South First Street at Lock 3.

Foster Park is located on the western shore of the Oswego River, on Foster Street. The park was established in 1937, and is named after James A. Foster, the first mayor of the City of Fulton. Foster served 3 terms — 1902-1904, 1906-1907, and 1932-1933. The Foster family business was the Foster Brothers Cutlery Company. The park offers a pavilion with grills, playground equipment, and softball field.

Foster Park

Hulett Park is located on Division Street, between South 6th and 7th Streets. It was established in 1944, and C.V. Abbott Memorial Playground was added in 1991. The playground accommodates children pre-school through age 12, and the park also offers picnic tables, grills, benches, and restroom.

Hulett Park, new play equipment – before, sand pit

Hulett Park, new play equipment – after, climbing structure

Indian Point is located on the Eastern shore of the Oswego River, with access from Route 481 near the Fulton City limits. Construction of the Indian Point Landing and Oswego River Pathfinder Trail (2010) was directed by Mayor Ronald Woodward, transforming a small boat launch into the boardwalk, 2 gazebos, and pedestrian trail present today.

John Lincoln Park is located on Gilbert Street near South 12th Street. It was established in 1967, and was named after civic leader, mayor-elect John Lincoln. The playground includes a small ball field and several swings.

Oswego Falls Park was named after the nearby waterfalls in the Oswego River. From 1600-1828, the site was used for colonial portage around the falls. Fort Bradstreet also stood on the site from 1759-1767. Today, the park is located on South First Street near Union Street; it includes a basketball court, playing fields, swings, and other playground equipment.

Oswego Falls Park

Patrick Park is located on Frawley Drive. The park was named after Percy Patrick, Fulton Mayor from 1965-1979. It was built into the neighborhood when the area was developed, as a donation from Patrick Brothers Home Building. It has a grassy field, swings, a 4-seated bouncer, and inclusive Ten-Spin (pictured in photo).

Patrick Park

Quirk Park is a nice little hideaway between Utica Street and Cayuga Street, established in 1932. It  has a swingset, benches and shaded picnic area with grills.

Recreation Park, established 1961, stretches from West Broadway to Chestnut Street. In 1921 John W. Stevenson, general manager of the American Woolen Mills, created recreational facilities on the site for his 1,500 employees. The original structures, including an auditorium, an open-air dance pavilion, carousel and athletic field with grandstand are no longer there, but the park’s 25 lakeside acres are still used for recreation. Today the picnic area near Chestnut Street has a pavilion, picnic tables, and grills. Mature trees provide natural beauty and cool shade for park visitors. The picnic area includes benches, outdoor fitness and play equipment, Friends of Fulton Parks Reflection Pond with Garden.  The park also includes ballfields, War Memorial Building, Ice Arena, and Teen Haven play area.

Recreation Park

Fitness at Recreation Park

Recreation Park, pavilion – before, falling, mud floor, no access

Recreation Park, pavilion – after, new support beams, shingles, concrete floor and access path

Rowlee Beach Park is located at the east end of Utica Street, on 12th Street. It is named for Elon K. Rowlee, Fulton Mayor from 1942-1949 and 1960-1965. It includes Sharp’s Pond, a former popular swimming area, now hosting wildlife.  This park has large, shaded picnic areas.

Schenck Park is located on the corner of West First Street North and Worth Street. It is named after the Schenck family, and offers a landscaped greenspace with bench.

Schenck Park After Landscaping in 2014

VanBuren Park is located on VanBuren and North Sixth Streets. It was established in 1962. It was named after the John VanBuren family, one of the first families to settle in Fulton, and cousins of United States President Martin VanBuren. It offers tennis courts, swingsets, fitness equipment, open fields, a pavilion and grills.

VanBuren Park Tennis Courts

Veterans’ Park is located on South First Street near the City Municipal Building. It honors veterans with memorials and benches, with shade trees.

Voorhees Park occupies the block between North 4th and 3rd Streets, and Academy and Buffalo Streets. It was donated by James and Martha Voorhees to the Village of Fulton as a park in 1853, and established as a City of Fulton Park in 1933. In 2005, a new playground was installed to accommodate children with disabilities.

Voorhees Park in the Autumn

Before Safety Landing Material – mud and prickers

After Safety Landing Material – wood chips

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