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Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail – This trail is a local favorite hidden treasure for enjoying wildlife. FoFP and OCO have restored and added to the trail, which runs 1.7 miles from the North Bay Campground area, through Recreation Park, to the GRB High/Jr. High Athletic Complex. We have begun construction of a lakeside “Teen Haven” along the trail, with inclusive play equipment focused on agility, balance, and climbing for ages 12 and older. It is scheduled for completion in spring of 2018.¬†Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail brochure 2017

Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail

Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail Walk

Lake Neatahwanta Nature Trail

Cross Country Runners

Oswego River Pathfinder Trail (2010) – The Indian Point Landing and Oswego River Pathfinder Trail were constructed through a City of Fulton/ Environmental Protection Fund project. Mayor Woodward led the transformation of a small boat launch into the boardwalk, 2¬†gazebos, and pedestrian trail present today. The trail runs from Indian Point Landing, located near the Fulton City limits on Route 481, one mile south along the river through the Canal Park, with pending plans to continue several miles to the Stop 28 Boat Launch (Apple’s Landing) on Rt 57. Ultimately, we would like to connect it to the Great Bear Recreation Area.

Oswego River Pathfinder Trail

Oswego River Pathfinder Trail Map

Oswego River Pathfinder Trail

Van Buren Park Fitness Trail (to be completed 2018) – FoFP is working with the City to add a simple new fitness trail which will run along the approximate one-mile perimeter of the park, connecting the major park features. You will be able to walk in the shade of the trees, stop for a workout on the newly installed Elliptical, continue around the bend to the Ab Crunch/Leg Lift, past the basketball court, and finish at the Assisted Row/Push-Up station. These three pieces of adult fitness equipment were installed in September 2017, thanks to OCO. From there, stop at the picnic shelter if you need a rest, and finish up with a game of tennis. From the tennis courts, the trail will continue on toward Fremont Street and back to the treeline to complete the loop.

VanBuren Park Fitness Trail

All three trails have a variety of entry areas, and varied features and points of interest.

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